Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gender Issues?

Yes, community is a very elusive treasure that is seriously lacking in our male dominated, industrial, militaristic "culture".

In the early days, when it was presented to youth (you are about eleven years my elder) that the women's "movement" (as part of the peoples' "movement") was a good thing because women are more communal than men. I got it. I still do. It got seriously twisted by a Bourgeois Capitalist decadence and many women just became a huge cadre of more "pricks" like their fathers. I have worked in Business with women and in such venues they exhibit very twisted, bizarre, insidious, cutthroat behavior.

I grew up playing and watching sports. I still like to watch and play occasionally, though seldom. It has long been said that sports are a good outlet for warrior instincts that I believe most boys and men exhibit innately. Many years ago, the comparison of the City-States of the Roman Empire and the gladiatorial aspect of sports was pointed out to me and I pointed it out to others, but still enjoyed participation in the sports culture. When men have friendly, but competitive interactions in playing, it builds a feeling of camaradarie and mutual respect that seems to be a proclivity of the gender.

With the growth of Inter-Collegiate and Professional Atheletics as Big Business has come the building of Sports Empires and their absurd "fans" (short for fanatics) and it is as inane and ridiculous as every aspect of our Militaristic, Industrial, Automotive, Exploitative, Genocidal, Ecocidal, Suicidal "Civilization".

Choosing to remain delusional, I think that there is hope for the human species in a feminist movement toward sedentary, communal environments. I have called my extensive philosophical and prescriptive work to describe the plan and implementation plan of an inclusive, humane, equitable, industrious, well-being and peace oriented, ecological and energy demand side management, needs based alternative as requiring an intentional evolution of the species to Homa Ecologica Cooperativo.

Thoughts on 3/13/2011

Notice the Revolutionary Forces in the oppressed USA puppet Arab states uprisings have been primarily non-violent and met with stiff oppressive Military Resistance. It took an HW type insurrection within Libya to get ugly full blown violent with the hopes of capturing the oil fileds for the West. It didn't work. Just like the Capitalist shills of the USA ISO who from the Bourgeois manipulated naive perspective and/or insidious intentions propagandized to try to overthrow the Revolutionary stronghold of Iran, the Capitalist Franco-like will stop at nothing to grab anad maintain Colonialist Corporate Power and Domination.

I don't like violence. AnyOne who has been victimized, I'm sure can relate. I've dedicated my life to peace and as a thoroghly studied idealist (as Green as I can be) Libertarian Socialist, I do see the need for Communist resistance and Participation. We have much to do in the ways and means of reorganizing and reallocating.

At risk of understatement, creating a culture of peace is difficult, but not impossible if we understand everything from the animal instincts to the greatest religious and philosophical teachings of the species and use our best communication skills to press for truth and honesty, for inclusion, humanity, equity, altruism, well-being, peace, sedenatarianism (which is so important to sustainability) in dedicating our organization and allocation activities directly to meeting human needs.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity.