Monday, April 4, 2011

A Letter to the Congressional Black Caucus regarding "Redistricting"

"Redistricting" needs to be seen within the context of a transition to Economic Democracy. We need to reorganize and reallocate to and within locales, neighborhoods, villages,based on need and consistent with a mission and principles of inclusion, humanity, equity, peace and well-being, altruism, and sedenarianism (sustainability). Current Governments must play the role in the transition to foster and facilitate and help fund the reorganization and acceptance of their responsibilities and stewardship of the so-called "Private" Sector as they become Quasi-public in relation to a Plan of demand side management and supply side reallocation based on the principles enunciated above and on strategies and programs of ecological economic redevelopment. The neighborhoods/villages must be the starting points, and inter-community, inter-regional, States and National (as we eventually transition away fron such super-structures), and world around cooperation, equity, and solidarity inculcated and implemented with the goal of communitry betterment for ALL communities. Metropolitan areas need to be be viewed as Planning and Inter-Community entities within the context of Regional Watersheds. We need to abolish the Federal Reserve and establish Direct Control of the Treasury to allocate dollars directly to Equity Union(s), which would be a transitioned Banking and Insurance Sharing and Holding Company working in concert with Governments. To reiterate somewhat the new association of Worker/Community Coops would be a unified economic culture dedicated to Community Betterment of all communities within a needs based, equitable, humane, inclusive comprehensive demand side energy and supply side reorganization and reallocation plan of Ecological Economic Redevelopment.