Tuesday, February 3, 2009

“Private” vs. “Public” Work(s)

“Private” vs. “Public” Work(s)

For many years, we have been talking and writing about this line of demarcation between private and public. After all, don't we all have private and public aspects to our character? Is it really, any of your concern how many men that I've slept with? Remember, the question was not whether or not I had sex? Just to make the record perfectly clear, the answer is nun...

Why do they call it history, it's her story, as well (more at water than oil?)... It should be called ourstory.

But all Carless Joe Kin, aside, "private" financing of "public" works becomes a racket when:

1.) The bond issuers/dealers and investors make a profit off property tax payers (which includes renters)
2.) The so-called "public works" projects are not optimal (i.e. do not maximize the "utils" ;-)) of the most public of our people, (that is the most needy) and do not optimize the utility for the greatest amount of people.
3.) When private interests feed at the trough of ill-conceived pork barrel projects that do not maximize/optimize the benefits to the people and our environment(s), and maximize the profits of a relative few (i.e. architects, real estate dealers, lawyers, large contractors, construction supply firms, etc.).

It has become public knowledge among far too few, I guess, but public subsidy to private interest has been the rule not the exception, especially since the days of Reagan. You may want to read Harrison and Bluestone's book (I forget the title) or Robert Goodman's second book, if you are not already initiated and sufficiently outraged at the concept and the history.

It was bad enough that the supply-siders were chanting "governments hands off" while they were raping our mother earth and our honest brothers harder than anybuddy has ever been raped before, but at the same time they were taking government hand outs. Also, you may or may not be aware they were increasing government payments to the military industrial complex, allowing very sick little American boys and girls? to develop and produce drones and other very twisted real robotic genocidal equipment, based on their practice at the video screen.

Just a SMALL case of AGGRAVATED RAPE AND MURDER, and the United States of America is about as guilty as they could get!!!


Mike Morin

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