Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Response to Report that Clinton is Promising Billions in “Aid” to Pakistan

In Response to Report that Clinton is Promising Billions in “Aid” to Pakistan

This is outrageous but par for the course.

Where does the money come from that goes to Pakistan, Egypt, Israel and other countries? Do they not have their own Treasuries? Can they not manage their own regional affairs and business?

The answer is that American led Corporate Conglomerate Developers will get the money and none will be dedicated to the absolute necessity to rebuild North American environments in light of the reality that the end of the fossil fuel age is rapidly approaching and that if we want a future for the youth and children of the world, we need a completely different paradigm of economic development than we have had in the last century.

The 20th century, approximate to the fossil fuel age, must be put into perspective and industry (as in industrious not industrial) must be planned and implemented accordingly.

I'm not against helping Pakistanis and Afghanis or anybuddy in a consultative capacity, quite to the contrary I would welcome and invite their cooperation and solidarity. But the organized crime of the US Government and the International Capitalist Ruling Classes must be identified for what they are: a self-serving genocidal, ecocidal, suicidal elite.

The BS they will hand out is that Pakistan and the others will be "emerging markets". Emerging markets for whom? A tiny ownership class and a majority of wage slaves and welfare recipients?

No, this is all wrong. All very wrong, and we must unite to make it correct. Ha, ha, you thought I'd use the word "right".

At issue is what is left in the way of natural and human resources and the correct way to allocate and employ such.

Do you trust Hillary Clinton and the continuation of the status quo?

I don't.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin

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