Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Minimum Wage and an Inculcated Tangent

Minimum Wage and an Inculcated Tangent

The minimum wage is only good for children, 14, 15, 16, living at home with their parents who have a living wage income (preferably male). By the age of 18, a guaranteed income to bring minimum or better wage up to living wage, and increasing with age, is in order. That is the demand side.

On the supply side, we need to consolidate assets and write down their costs (Real and Capital assets for ecological economic redevelopment with a definite and committed demand side management plan and evolution to a more sedentary life). On the supply side we are dealing with an extant and momentous over-supply glut, much of it which is of inferior quality.

Supply side chains need to be transitioned to wholesale and distribution channels altered to make goods and services available within walking distance of almost all. Such, if the resources can be garnered (every day that we squander resources so ridiculously creates a situation more bleak with regards to the opportunity costs for precious resources) and the reorganization and reallocation secured, then the youth and children have a hope for the future, much of which could be employed in the building, communications, and agro-ecology trades.

We can not afford to squander time with respect to the necessary eduaction, reorganization, and subsequent reallocation, rebuilding transition.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity...

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