Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Must Be Done

Richard Collier wrote:

> Capitalism in any form won't cut it -- it's like termites on a
> rotting log . . . they will eat and eat and eat, until there's
> nothing left and then they starve to death.

Your point about termites needs to be taken into consideration.

To think that the human species has been no superior in ecological intellect
to the termite, increasingly throughout its tenure. reaching the zenith (or
more accurately nadir) of the "selfish gene", as some call it, in its
manifestation through Capitalism, at the same time being the most successful
(I argue that it was Western Technological Civilization raping virgin
landscapes) and the most destructive form of human economic organization.

True socialism has not really been tried, although critics of "Communist"
regimes really have not studied the assiduous efforts made in many countries
to stay true to their ideals of "scientific socialism" and not given credit
where credit was due. I'm not going to write at length in defense of such
experiments. My assessment of their "failure" is related to many factors.
One was a relatively limited resource base as compared to the so-called
"free world". A second reason, was that they were trying to build a new
social/economic system from a dysfunctional one. A third reason for their
"failure" was that their modus operandi (the history of the human race, and
inter-specifically much if not most of the animal "kingdom") was violence.
Once you are forced into such a trajectory and you adopt it as part of your
strategy it is hard, if not impossible, to re-establish your mission without
it. The same is true for Obama and his inheritance of colonialism, genocide,
slavery, anti-Communism, and pro-Capitalist Economic Hegemony. (The same is
true for the perceived or real need to walk out the door and turn the
ignition on the biggest blunder that the human race ever made and its
concomitant half-century to century of sprawl, the personal automobile. It
is absolutely essential that the leader of the USA have a talk about the
fossil fuel realities and the need to adjust lifestyles immediately (don't
drive unless you absolutely have to)... and the need to commit to a 20 to 40
year plan to reduce the use of the personal automobile by 80%. This is very
doable and will create so many jobs that we will have to dedicate tremendous
organizational and educational resources to equitably engage the labor
supply and meet the work demand).

An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind. The next leader (assuming
so-called Taliban is an organization and not a culture) that takes a violent
hit needs to scream the teachings of Jesus about "turning the other cheek"
and "loving your 'enemies'".

Remember, too, that Islam is the faith of the oppressed.

Capitalism is very irrational in the ways and means that it allocates
resources. There is no free market, I guess that is the absurdist point of
the "free socialists". We will not work our way out of the impending tragedy
of the human race with "invisible hands"...

Somehow, we must convey these truths to every person on this planet.

A Plan and Implement economy based on a humane mission and principles is the
answer. A Speculation, Risk and Return Economy is fundamentally corrupt.

The role of markets is for trade. As long as the Social Darwinism of
Competitive Advantage suffocates the survival instincts and needs of
comparative advantage and the humane aspect of sharing, then we all will be
the losers.

Obama is the most important person on this planet, because his trajectory is
the most destructive, the most fundamentally wrong. Someone please get these
messages to the youth.

In Peace, Friendship, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin

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