Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ecosocialist Plan Available

By now, some of you may have received the 25 page document regarding the Ecological Economic Redevelopment Plan that I have been forwarding to interested parties within the last month.

If you have not taken the time to request the document, or have not yet read it, please try to find the time and do so. It is important.

The plan deals with matters of utmost importance, especially to our youth and children. It is a mission of that elusive world peace, which with mans' grace could be achieved in a time that we can communicate like never before. Yet, at the same time we are on a precarious precipice or downslope in human civilization with respect to scare natural and economic resources and building tensions because of such.

A Plan that puts inclusion, equity, humanity, quality of life, and sustainability as the basic pillars of a plan and implement modus operandi, a plan that addresses the needs of people, not profits for the few, a plan that presents a fundamental and solid alternative to the current failed Capitalist Financial system, is the remedy that we need.

Such is the document that you should consider.

I am asking you all to participate. I am asking for your feedback. Let's all try to work together to make a new era possible. Of course, some will have disagreements. For those of us that ascribe to the fundamental mission and principles, let's work those out. Let's discuss how we can become the dominant paradigm, and how we can implement the changes that would benefit everyone, especially the youth and children.

The fossil fuel age is winding down, yet we have become so tragically dependent upon those resources. Conservation and demand side management is the key. If we don't commit to such and begin very soon to plan and implement an alternative economy, then there is little hope for the progeny of the planet. But, we still may have time.

What can we do?

What do you suggest?

Please don't delay in joining the discourse.

Thank you.

In Peace, Friendship, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin

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