Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Africa-South America Summit in Venezuela Cements South-South Collaboration


Congratulations on the steps of the peoples of the south to consolidate their competitive position an try to relinquish their financial subservience to the Capitalists of the North. It is a positive move to extricate economic activity from the parasites of the north who only own paper and consume real goods produced by the workers of the south and east. Although China is physically in the North, I think that is an ally that you want to cooperate with as well as oil and gas rich Iran and Russia and surrounding countries. Many others too, until you isolate the Capitalist NATO hegemony and force them into unity and cooperation with your higher moral and ethical approach to economy.

We workers, here in the north (the USA and elsewhere), would welcome the freedom from the unfair dominance of banking interests and landlordism and warlordism.

Thee all should focus on whatever comparative advantage that you have within your communities to build internal, relocalized wealth and sovereignty. Ecological economic redevelopment based on needs, especially of the poor and based on village sovereignty, inter-community, and inter-regional unity and cooperation and based on the principles of inclusion, humanity, equity, quality of life, environmental/public health and wellness, sustainability, and peace.

I think that you should strongly consider changing the name of your initiative. A Bank is investor owned and loans imply a usurious relationship to the borrower. You would be well advised to adopt an equity sharing modus operandi and call your initiatives EquitySur, EquityASA, and EquityWorld.

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