Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Economic Paradigm Change and World Equity Union

Thanks for chiming in, Steve.

Yes, if only we knew 30 years ago, what we know now...

We did have much more of a window of opportunity before the disastrous inflationary onset of supply side economics.

Repopulating farmland with smaller farms and a unified world policy of moving towards self-sufficiency in all regions needs to occur.

Two major obstacles to our potential for human progress are:

1.) The resistance that the greedy and self-interested holding what they believe to be a competitive advantage in a genocidal, ecocidal, suicidal economic game manifesting itself in either honestly naive, but more likely disingenuous "free-market/invisible handed" fanaticism...who refuse to come forward to cooperate with a plan and implement modus operandi based on human needs and the reality of a finite planet.

2.) The terrible inflation caused by the supply side economics generation which has driven the cost of real and capital assets outside the reach of almost all, who might want to take an economic risk within a mythical entrepreneurial opportunities environment (e.g. buy and operate a small farm).

The only solution that I see to this latter problem is the formation of a world equity/assets unions which would allow us to write off the inflated "market rates" to the level where a new generation of communitarian/mutualist/socialist commerce can be started.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin
World Peoples' Equity Union
Eugene, OR, USA
(541) 343-3808

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