Monday, January 11, 2010

The Blues

I find myself as a Radical with more of what you describe as the Conservative position, the very worst within me wishing for the precipitous decline of the "Evilest Empire" the Genocidal Aristocracy, their Bourgeoise Underlords, and the great majority of ignorant sheeple who eat the shit that they are fed.

Die-off was the mantra, and my Friend, Karl Davies, who championed the leader of such prognostication, Jay Hanson, did just that, died-off (colon cancer). Death is never pretty, but I am of the considered opinion that my Uncle Bill, who was murdered in New Hampshire (5 shotgun blasts), got out of this life relatively rather easily.

Sunny seems to bask in the impending doom and at my lowest moments I am full of hate for the evil and ignorance that has engulfed us, but at the same time, I worry about the hardship and suffering that will be MY path to nothingness. It's not like, they will all perish, leaving us, a chosen few, to inherit a eutopia (i.e. good place).

No, it will somewhere between a crash leaving us nothing for sustenance and a long agonizing twisting envisioning then eventually realizing the decline and failure of a false wealth built and operated on speculation, allegiance, rote, and oppression.

People on the North American continent will starve and freeze to death. Here in Driveland, Oregon they will cruise until they can cruise no more and as the weather is relatively mild, more will starve than freeze. But, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, New York, hinterlands, etc? I don't believe the non-reports in the Capitalist Commercial Media that it is not already happening, as save for us Pacific Breezers, the entire continent plunged to near zero and below zero temperatures. Hardy folk, some or most, or at least descended (population explosion) from hardy folks, but really without a clue.

I asked a Friend in ChiKaKu how he heated their place. Natural gas, he responded. Where does that natural gas come from? People's Gas. Where does People's Gas get their gas? Silence. Dead Silence.

August 1 will probably be the magic day when all in the Frigid North (They are reporting many freezing deaths in Europe - Russia anounced a month or so ago that they would NOT supply their precious oil and gas to the European idiots so concerned with Global WARMING), when all the frigid North decides that their currency will be best used as kindling and their urban/suburban slums best used for feeding the woodstoves to the tiny Transition Chosen, given the assumption that there will be gasoline to truck the dissassembled and squatterized ruins to their rural utopian hobbit nests

There may not be fuel for heat, but there will aways be gasoline for the rugged individualists in their SUVs.

Seriously though, I'm wishing you all the best and may we live in denial for the rest of our lives and may our blind faith be rewarded, for after all, it's not MY fault and I've tried to wake people up to the realities of finite resources but they prefer to drive out their own American Dream until it becomes the worst nightnare EVER!!!

Couldn't help but hear the merciless, insane, irrational drone of the Leviathan Highway beast as I walked back from picking up some produce from a neighborhood store. I wonder, how long 'til that drone is silenced and how will it all shake out? What will be the changes in my life?


Mike Morin

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