Saturday, January 9, 2010

Capitalism 3.0

Just finished reading Capitalism 3.0 : A guide to Reclaiming the Commons by Peter Barnes.

Have you read it?
It's well worth the read.

My impression is that Peter is a Socialist in Sheep's Clothing. He gives excellent historical perspective, and reading between the lines - some rather large comprehensive algorithmic possible solutions regarding transition strategies. His funding sources (e.g. Rockefeller Foundation) and Capitalist Publisher seem to place noticeable limits on his (what are otherwise bordering on radical) proposed fundamental, sweeping changes.

He makes good argument regarding the abuses of "the Commons" by Capitalism (Feudalism as precursor), and particularly the Corporate Variety, but awkwardly argues that the answer is to create Public Trusts of the Commons for the purposes of adapting (not replacing) the Capitalist/Corporate System in an absurd proposal to meet them about half-way. Such a supposition demonstrates either a lack of willingness to go beyond the constraints and desired target markets of funders and publisher and/or a fundamental weakness in the author's understanding of and/or willingness to challenge us with a Marxist perspective.

I believe it to be the constraints of the Capitalists more than the man's knowledge and perception base because he sneaks in some rather large equity and inclusion arguments in a book that ostensibly is targeting the "sustainability" crowd.

Nonetheless, it is a disheartening reality because it reminds me/us just how far into the Capitalist Corporate "game" and overshoot that we are, and what an overwhelming task it would be to try to reorganize the people into an alternative economic entity or entities. Barnes references Harvard Economist Mancur Olson's "Logic of Collective Action" in which Olson argues, "unless the number of players in a group is very small, people will not combine to pursue their common interests".

In Peace, Friendwalkin', Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin

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