Friday, May 28, 2010

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>As the economy recovers and employers increase hiring to meet the growing demand
>for goods and services, many currently unemployed workers will be able to find new

"The economy" will not recover. There will be no growing demand for goods and services. What we are experiencing is structural unemployment of the grandest scale. We are on the bust side of a thirty-year supply side boom that saw a major investment in foreign made products and domestic transportation and retail outlets. For a while, this boom supported a growth in professional business employees, exactly those whom the referenced article identifies as the long-term unemployed. The other jobs created by the supply side/retail boom were low paying retail and other non-living wage service sector jobs.

Together, the bust adds up to a permanent deficit in effective demand for the over-supply of junk that has been sold to the American consumer in the last thirty, fifty, one hundred years.

What we need to do is recognize that we are on the other side of a post-peak fossil fuel economy and organize ourselves into a collective union that works to rebuild relocalized economies in all communities, all regions.

It will take leadership that is foreign to the economic and political history of this country. It will take a solidarity that has never been seen before and is highly unlikely with the mindless hedonistic anarchy that is prevailing in our country today.

In the meantime, stick with the Dems., when it comes to safety-net issues.


  1. Just read an article in today's NY Times that included a link to the Transition US site, which I joined a few minutes ago. Began browsing the Oregon membership and found my way here. Good posts, good thinking! I look forward seeing more...

  2. Thank you, William.

    I am very happy to make your acquaintance. As a disciple of George Fox (via contemporary music/poetry)I will consider this a Friend's Meeting.

    Please do feel free to post comments. I welcome and encourage detailed discussion.

    In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

    Mike Morin