Monday, May 3, 2010

TARP and Related Matters

As DeFazio and others have suggested fire Summers and Geithner, but take back ALL the TARP money, not only that given to AIG and Goldman Sachs.

Put the money into a Peoples Equity Fund for allocation to community betterment/worker owned projects for ecological economic redevelopment which is inclusive, equitable, humane, altruistic, healthy, needs and peace oriented, and sustainable.

We do not need a Federal Reserve, which is the biggest heist of all history. We do not need Federal Taxes and we do not need to borrow funds from the self-serving Banking and Investment “Community”. All we need is a Treasury to make direct allocations to enterprises and individuals within communities and within and among economic sectors that produce and serve to meet the needs of people..

DeFazio talks of "infrastructure" and the organized crime of the fluke 20th century continues to trickle in millions upon millions of dollars to the linear trajectory of a dysfunctional suicidal and genocidal (of all youth and children) “path”. What does he want more squandered "stimulus" money, a continuation of the National Highway Act of 1950? Sorry, Peter, you're right on the front end, but wrong from then on.

Decommission the military and end military spending as fast as possible and dedicate some if not much of that money to the comprehensive education/action (eduaction) program that will be necessary to transition to such a cooperative communitarian/socialist (because some may be unable to contribute, and at first there will be a lot of resistance from many who are happy with a welfare state existence and/or understandably prefer such to the slavery and repugnant alternatives that thinly exist, if at all, within the Capitalist system) economy.

Much more to write, but limited space.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin
Eugene, OR
(the unresponsive DeFazio's district)

P.S. I have repeatedly suggested to the nameless, faceless women who stonewall for Peter, or perhaps more accurately for the Capitalist interests that control him and manipulate him, that Peter (and I have been in touch with Congressman John Lewis from George (Mason) Jah Town) (and John’s staff seem to understand better) and hopefully others introduce legislation to directly access Treasury funds for the purpose of assisting in a public/private(quasi-public) partnership that would exand the concept of an Organization for Economic Opportunity to all communities with the public sector’s participation being one of direct funding to low-income communities programs and projects, and funding of community organizing personnel in the mold of ACORN, Ameri-corps, and/or similar or a newly conceptualized program.

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