Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Letter to Mostafa Hessami (Iran)

A Letter to Mostafa Hessami (Iran)

I am a Friend. I honor all religions. The “Christian” justification for War is similar to your proclamation, which appears to be the sixth pillar of Islam. It is based on the misunderstandings of the teachings of John, who said and wrote, Jesus laid down his life for us, thus we should lay down our lives for each other”. The Christmas season has evolved to be an outrageous blasphemy relative to the true teachings of the prophet Jesus.

Soldiers, not Military Leaders, almost always are common people, coming from the ranks of the poor, the dispossessed, the oppressed. Thus, Marxist/Leninist thoughts and actions jibe with the concept of “holy war”.

We must be ultimately brave in our pursuit of peace. We must be peace, yet our dilemma is to throw off the shackles of Monied and Military Imperialism. George Fox said and wrote that there is good and bad in everyone and it is incumbent upon us to cultivate the good in ourselves and rid ourselves of the bad (inner jihad) and that we should try to see the good in everyone we meet and help them to do the same.

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