Saturday, December 27, 2008


With respect to the very large issue of the communications industry, again, the issue is the control of economic resources.

We need to start in all neighborhoods/local communities and build, or acquire and renovate, community centers that would serve to facilitate public meetings, intra and inter-community communications (internet-access, inter and intra-community radio and tele-conferencing, community television (associated with educational programming to be discussed later) and distribution space to facilitate the distribution of essential goods and services to walkable neighborhoods (whenever possible - meaning that rural communities would be very difficult to impossible to make "walkable" - although clustering of farmsteads would consitute a walkable neighborhood) as a very important focus of all our plans and further economic activity.

As the master of understatement, I assert that there is almost unlimited growth potential for the improvement in educational, and secondarily entertainment, media. A Communications Committee, working in concert with other economic sectors within the context of a highly principled ecological economic plan could request and receive non or not-for-profit "investments" from the Peoples' Equity Union. Neighborhood/Community allocations would be controlled by associated "branches", metropolitan and regional decisions controlled by appropriate administrative units, and matters of world-wide scope be decided by an appropriate Committee.

By the way, that is how I would propose all Peoples' Equity Union funds be allocated to all sectors of the economy. The decision-making process has to be primarily from the bottom to top. By that I mean, control of resources within a community and to a community begins with the community. Of course there will be transition issues as the current competitive advantage in the Capitalist economy is held by an inter-regional elite. All decisions of fund allocations will be subject to adherance to the mission, principles, strategies, and tactics of the Plan.

Classroom education needs to be reformed accordingly, as well. I'd like to discuss this in more detail at a later time or date.

I most certainly welcome and look forward to discussion on these and all related matters.

With much love and care,

Mike Morin
(541) 343-3808

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