Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Greetings Folks:

As we are in the time of Man where we have unprecedented communications capabilities, it is my hope that this communication will be disseminated as widely as possible and that we can begin discussion on the following.

As we are in time of man where we are facing unprecedented peril, we must foster unprecedented fundamental change from the brutal amoral and immoral and violent Capitalist domination to a cooperative communitarian one based on love, quality of life, and sharing.

We must reassess the world situation starting with local concerns. We need a worldwide economic democracy, a "system" truely of the people, for the people, and by the people. Peace, equity (equality and ownership), and sustainability need to be among the basic pillars of our plan.

We must plan.
We must cooperate.
We must inculcate the need to diligently pursue and encourage the love of each other, and persistently act upon that understanding.
We must understand that nature, including human work, is the basis of all wealth, and recognize the impending finitude of our natural resources as it relates to the prospects for future generations.
We must accept that all people should be considered to be created equal at birth and work to make that a reality, but that risk in labor, best intentions, and hard work need to be rewarded.
We must understand, accept, and act upon the maxim that the children of the world are the highest priority.
We must return or instill humanity and equity to work and workplaces.
We must create an Equity Union to replace the usurious banking system and the currently inequitable equity holding systems of the Capitalist status quo.
We must rebuild our communities, production, distribution, and transportation systems, so that all communities are walkable (i.e. people can get the products and services they need within walking distance to their homes).
We must work towards a goal of allowing all people to work at or as near to home as possible.
We must create community centers in all neighborhoods to facilitate community participation in the betterment of their neighborhoods and the world, to facilitate the efficient distribution of necessities to the neighborhoods, and to provide the resources that will allow work to be done at or close to home (e.g. teleconferencing, internet and other computer access, intra and inter community communications, etc.)
We must foster and facilitate inter-community, inter-regional, and world wide cooperation.
We must reduce the use of the automobile by 80% in the next 20 to 40 years.
We must reform our health care system to provide universal access by implementing a single payer plan, regional HMO Risk programs, and slowly but greatly reducing the budget to those local and regional health entities to rid the system of its current rampant abuse and fraud.

In essence we must rearrange:


We must plan according to the principles and values mentioned above and we must educate consistently with our mission, plans, and goals.

I'm a Work kin for peace and cooperation,

With much love,

Mike Morin

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