Friday, December 26, 2008

A “Double Payer” Economy and Health Care System

A single payer health care system paid for by tax revenues?

Single payer should be double payer with the “private” financial sector uniting into an Equity Union to cooperate with governments to fund all sectors of the (ecological) economy.

Who the hell pays taxes anyway?

People on payroll and their employers, that's probably about all. Those people, to a great extent should be relieved of that unfair burden.

Large companies use creative accounting schemes and there are just too many businesses, diversified corporations with diversified investment portfolios, equity investors, stock traders, medium and small contractors and businesses, etc. for the IRS to keep up with it all.

I don't think that much of the taxes that the government(s) would expect are actually being collected.

Why not pay, a well-managed capitated health care system directly out of the treasury and funds allocated by the Equity Union, supplemented by voluntary contributions from the wealthy and relatively wealthy?

An Equity Union (the pooling of ownership assets worldwide) could promote the active participation in a health fund. The Equity Union and the Treasur(ies) could make allocations on behalf of individuals in communities. The sum of payments to the community funds would be the budgeted amounts from which the capitated Regional HMOs would make their delivery decisions, consistent with a larger plan and well deliberated medical policies, which include a long-term plan for eliminating the plethora of unnecessary care, as well as taking all profits out of the delivery systems.

The equity fund and the treasury could allocate funds based on need, or the treasury could allocate to those in poor communities with little to no or negative equity (based on property values, and the amount of equity personally held in all property (real, capital, and personal)). People in wealthy communities, over their head in debt should be encouraged to move to poorer communities with some, if not all debt, forgiven.

In the new economy, there would be no debt and all would make equity payments instead of rent and mortgage interest payments.

Debt forgiveness should be part of the transition plan as should the writing down of real property values and the value of capital assets.

A double payer health care program would be part of a larger effort to invest in human and community improvement in poor areas and the transition of wealthy neighborhoods from standard of living wealth zones, to quality of life wealth zones (in all communities).

Don't tell me that it is too complicated. Have you ever seen the internal workings of Accounting, Information, Finance, and Marketing systems within large capitalist conglomerates, banks, governments, insurance companies, etc.? Like reducing the redundancy in health payment systems, a Peoples' Equity Union would save great amounts of money by eliminating profits (certain sectors such as health would be non-profit and sectors such as community improvement would be not-for profit), eliminating Marketing costs (save logistics), and greatly reducing redundancy in administrative costs in all sectors of the economy. It would actually be a simplified system with the ability to cooperate with social/environmental equity and sustainability goals. An Equity Union as a quasi-public organization (a NGO) would greatly reduce the need for big government(s).

Coordinated with an explicit Ecological Economic Plan, such Financial Systems Reform would go a long way towards the hope of realizing a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world.

Workers' Compensation and Social Security programs need to be maintained.

The environment is the entire world and each individual’s relationship to their world. The environment is not an issue. It is THE issue.

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