Thursday, July 30, 2009

Education and Socialism

Dan Crow's article was interesting and I wonder if it is a trend in all University settings.

His article, so much like most "publish or perish" publications was more than a bit verbose, so I admit that I took to skimming it after about 5 paragraphs.

One very important thing that he seemed not to mention (unless I missed it), was the increasined dominance of Corporate Capitalist funding and its effect on the direction that research and teaching has taken, always extant but, particularly since the advent and momentum of the supply-side economic surge and debacle (i.e. Reaganomics, full-spead ahead (to destruction) Monetarism, Econometrics, etc.).

We now find ourselves in need of a radical fundamental paradigm shift with respect to an economy based on rational resource allocation rather than financial speculation, and with respect to restructuring our economic system to support the evolution to a inclusive, humane, equitable, quality of life, sustainable, peaceful one that employs a plan and implement modus operandi dedicated and committed to ecological economic redevelopment.

In Peace, Friendship, Cooperation, and Sustainability,

Mike Morin

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