Thursday, January 1, 2009

Current Status of Local Efforts

I work by walking around my neighborhood, downtown, and beyond and talking to people about matters of concern and interest to them and how what we are trying to do relates, then giving them contact information, including my web log. I distribute flyers, and talk with and/or write to businesses who are more immediate potential cooperators, like local artisan bakeries, neighborhood food stores, a solar energy installer, and my credit union. I also, as you may know, try to maximize outreach on the inter-net.

From a structural point of view, I am considering forming a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, (the PEU), to start receiving funds for neighborhood equity unions (NEUs). One of my plans is to work with local and hopefully national and world musicians, for them to form a not-for-profit corporation to present revenue producing musical productions that will optimize meeting the needs of talented local musicians/lyricists and any, if not many, of the great old and not-so-old national and world musicians, some of who who may have fallen upon hard times. Negotiated amounts of the profits will be donated to the NEUs. Of course, donations will also be accepted by the NEUs. Money dedicated or donated to the NEUs will be held in trust in local credit unions.

The NEUs will work together in a common mission based on shared principles and strategies. Once a NEU has enough funds to begin work, they will become not-for-profit community/worker hybrid cooperatives.

On the regional and global scale, I envision transitioning all current Capitalist financial systems to a World-wide Peoples' Equity Union (WPEU), which would have regional and neighborhood Planning Boards with mission and strategies consistent with what I have laid out heretofore.


Mike Morin

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