Friday, January 16, 2009



Basic education and learning skills are fundamental to human progress.

I think as many as possible should be encouraged to be bi-lingual or multi-lingual from an early age.

The educational system should function under the aegis of a neighborhood/community/inter-community/inter-regional/worldwide Ecological Economic Plan based on the principles of peace, humanity, equity, sustainability, and quality of life.

An Equity Union and governments should fund all schools, including higher education. Government participation would be phased down and rearranged to reflect a more meaningful collaboration with a new economic order (an economic democracy) that such a Plan would aspire to and eventually achieve.

The individual path taken should be one that is needed by the larger community and the subject of careful deliberations among student, family, community, and educators.

The insidious nature of corporate dominance in the classroom and research must be eliminated.

George Fox wrote in the 1600's that the best education was not obtained at the Universities. Although I am very thankful for the formal education that I got through the Master's level, I concur. After a life-long student reaches a certain amount of formal education and training, they become the best judge, working with elders and peers in their communities, and combined with their experiential learning, of what is the best path for further individual and community academic and vocational pursuits.

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