Friday, January 2, 2009

MAXIMIZING Solar Hot Water

Let's think big.

Some years ago, in the USA, Bill Clinton proposed a "million solar roofs" promotion. I guess what he had in mind was the government stimulating the solar industry. At the time, I said, "Why stop at a million"? The potential for installations of solar water heating systems world-wide is SO MUCH more than that.

I envision a solar collector that employs concave/magnifying glass/concentrators and simple programmable software that allows the collector to track the sun.

I also envision an inter-national (public sector) and world-wide (private sector) NASA type program to develop the most effective and efficient solar collectors not only in terms of utilization of the solar resource, but with respect to natural resources and materials fabrication, production facilities, and distribution strategies.

With respect to production facilities, they should be regional, to minimize the shipping costs of inputs and finished product. See my essays regarding "demand-side management" and "relocalization" (among other pertinent essays) at this web log site.

I envision almost every building in the world employing solar hot water systems in the next 20 to 50 years.

Do you see a role for yourself in such a plan?

Workin' for peace and cooperation,

Mike Morin

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