Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ecological Economics

I checked out Judi Bari's article.

I wish folks would write more concisely.

Ecology is the study of the home, economics is the management of the home. Mature ecological communities maximize the recycling of resources and outside energy input WITHIN communities.

Immature communities, like Capitalist Economic Systems, maximize short-term yield at the expense of all the players in the ecosystem except the dominant species, then die, yielding eventually to a succession of more mature communities.

That's where we are at.

Stimulus, huh? Another shot of adrenaline to a dying, murderous organism! Another shot of junk to an addicted moribund automobile (culture?)...

We can do better! And if there is going to be a distribution of funds why shouldn't it be directly to should-be popular causes like neighborhood equity unions starting with the poorest communities and merging with the "private sector" own self-funding and help for others efforts to dedicate their ownership resources to environmental improvement (i.e. peace, equity, humanity, sustainability, quality of life).

The vehicle is an equity union with popular facilitation. If the governments can't get hip, then why don't they just dissolve themselves.

Let's work together!

Mike Morin

P.S. I hope that Judi has resolved successfully her problems with the FBI...

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