Thursday, November 19, 2009

Comment on Michael Moore’s Website Regarding Health Care Reform

Then there's Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Columbia Health Systems, Humana, and many, many more. Then there is General Electric, Siemens, and many, many more, Pharmaceutical Companies. Doctors whose revenue motivation is to cut and poison.

Then there was the famous US Government Hill-Burton Act. Perhaps some can defend this, but like most government public works (e.g. National Highway Act, subsequent amendments including O'Bomber's recent "Stimulus") my opinion is that they went way too far in their supply side corruption.

I favor a single payer, but I also favor a single provider, with drastic immediate cuts in medical spending on the order of 30 to 40% in the next 3 to 5 years and 60 to 70% within the next 10 to 20 years.

With respect to budgeting, a medical policy board and regional and local administrators made up of ETHICAL (that may be hard to find) health care professionals who are acutely aware of the fraud and abuse in the medical care system. Shannon Brownlee and Nortin Hadler come immediately to mind.

Concerning the Provider Situation, that's where the Budgeting Committee will have to get tough. All for-profits need to be converted to non-profits, but that will not be nearly good enough. Unemployment Compensation and/or Social Security should be offered to all displaced workers and much effort put into the function of job retraining.

It's gone way too far, has been going way too far for far too long, and it's time we stopped the massive complicity to corruption and decadence.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin
Eugene, OR, USA

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