Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Local Request for Equity Union Funds

The led grow lamps will work. i have been working on this for about 2 years. Funding disappeared with the sub prime mortgage collapse. i was sceptical of the interest free loan you offered. kind of something for nothing thing. but it was not for nothing. it was to further the equity union. i have worked out 90% of the bugs, where others fail. i will succeed. mostly because my "unsuccessful" prototypes perform better than other groups "Successful" in production lights.


Don Goerz
Exec. Director
Led Tek

Well, the local Peoples' Equity Fund has tentatively dedicated $20,500.

If that is enough for you, you'd have to demonstrate beyond almost any doubt the validity of the technology and have an assured market that would guarantee the payback.

I prefer to call it equity sharing rather than a no interest loan.

In other words, let's say the Equity Union was able to raise $500,000 but you were able to create valuable services to the region and the world and equity opportunities for a low-income/no or very little equity community or communities, and a certain amount of your revenues were earmarked for other community betterment projects then maybe we would only require that you pay back $450,000 or better still, we as the equity sharers would be a community owner of your community/worker hybrid cooperative. It would be subject to negotiation.

We could not sell our equity shares and if we disapproved of the direction the cooperative was taking (let's say investing in Christmas lights or lasers for weapons systems, or poor and/or undemocratic management), we could call our equity back but only at par value. Though if there was highly significant sharing we would build in legal stipulations as to what and how any earmarked revenues could be redistributed to other "ventures". Any variations from the legal stipulations (we'd keep them concise, fundamental and understandable) could carry with it a severe monetary penalty (not a lawsuit, but probably require you to divest your cooperative/productive equity and assets to us and pay a penalty for any uncooperative pursuits that you pursued.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin

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