Monday, April 27, 2009

Comparative vs. Competitive Advantage

Maybe we're getting new people involved, but oldsters like Robert should know the following by now.

The history of eutopian socialist experiments the largest and perhaps most successful (outside of the realm of the soviet countries), Mondragon, tell us that socialism can not maintain itself as enclaves within a larger Capitalist paradigm. The Capitalists are incessant at pushing their competitive advantage regardless of the consequences with respect to the equity of any particular region's comparative advantage and the health, well being, humanity and sustainability of such locales.

Capitalism must be defeated one way or another. To come to that understanding is relatively simple. To accomplish it is a whole 'nother story.

Capitalism will eventually disintegrate, but they are madmen and will probably not yield and thus will destroy life and any hope for a future on planet earth.

They are extremely irrational beings and one wonders how to get the message across to them when they seem to either deliberately and/or unconsciously be totally committed to a fight to extinction.

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