Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reply to Cesco

Are you any relation to Costco?

How about Penny Pincho?

Seriously, now with all the knee jerk reactionary "leftist" response that I have gotten, I have changed my treatise to "Restructuring (Some, and I as well, say "Replacing Economic Systems".

Please do not confuse my social reformist qualities with my economic radicalism.

It is my dream that we will transition from Banks, Equity Trading, Insurance, loans, landlordism, warlordism, and any other form of financial or other exploitation and usury.

I am not naive.

It would be very ugly to overthrow the Governments which perpetuate Capitalism. It is my hope that we can do such in a bloodless manner.

Capitalism does not need to be "overthrown". Capitalism needs to be transitioned into Socialism.

I am a Libertarian Socialist, an anarcho-syndicalist, if you will.

At risk of understatement, Marx was a brilliant man. However, the intelligence that we have garnered since his days is immense. We need to not only reallocate the resources relative to the ownership of the means of production and distribution, we also need to change the way we allocate resources amongst and within economic sectors. Also, we need to change the ways in which we allocate resources to and within communities.

With regards to your conclusion based on such a tiny example of my work, that my "reforms" will not lead to equity, I, too, am cynical.

Thank you for responding and giving me the chance to elaborate.


Mike Morin

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