Monday, April 27, 2009

Discussing "Classes"

>Julian Vein wrote:

>What sort of strata are you talking about?

You know, sedimentary rock...

My prediction that the human RACE, as long as it keeps RACING, will exhaust all fossil, mineral, and vegetative matter billions of years before it has the opportunity to destroy ALL such strata on the planet.

On another level, though, this talk of class is silly. How does one measure, by wealth (net assets), income, the particular positional niche in the Capitalist/State structure? These are not characteristics that can be defined in discrete categories. It would be closer to continuous than stratified. I've heard it said that "one man's ceiling is another man's floor" as a relative concept, but the extremes relative to such are not defensible, even if you accepted the notion of any such stratified description of human relations, which I don't.

When we talk or write about reorganizing the ownership of the means of assets, production and distribution, we are beginning to talk in a less cliche-like and a more meaningful manner. This needs to be our focus.

This is why I inculcate the term equity (which means ownership and equality).

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