Saturday, April 4, 2009

With Respect to World Socialism Movement (WSM)


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WSM clearly isn't an orthodox Marxist organisation. Just look at their beliefs:[/LIST]These guys seem pretty clearly in the libertarian socialist, verging on Anarchist, side of the spectrum.

Anyway, I have no interest in debating this further, but I'm glad that you understand my position. However, I will point out that Engels famously stated that revolution was possibly the most authoritarian and violent act that can be enacted in society.

Mike Morin replies:

Yet some of us, can appear to be quite authoritarian, though we could be mistaking such a perception for confidence in a strong belief set. I, personally, try to be vigilant about not being perceived to be authoritarian.

Anyway, we try hard to respect each other and not to quibble.

What's the difference between Anarchist and Libertarian except that Libertarians were more intelligent in choosing their name?

With respect to Engels, It should be clear from history that Nationalist/Internationalist Aggression is more authoritarian and violent than revolution.

I say, eventually:

C. Neither, unless that revolution can be non-violent.

Also, with respect to WSM, they are very naive about a moneyless system, except as an ultimate goal, and at least one has said that their objectives were to dismantle all governments, which I differ with in that I think in order to peacefully transition, the goal should be to minimize governments, and employ them to help facilitate the transition to an economic democracy.

But remember, we are human, and will never be perfect. Even in the ultimate success of the ideal, there will be need for dispute resolution. To resolve disputes there would need to be explicitly stated and inculcated principles, mission, and there would need to be organization to negotiate and determine policies, planning and the implementation modi operandis of a cooperative ecological economy. Doesn't that in some sense of the word translate into government? Perhaps someone can come up with a less unpopular term...

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