Thursday, April 16, 2009

Historical Perspect on April 16, 2009


Thanks for the historical perspective.

Terry ((Terra = Latin for "land") As in freedom fighter, er, they say "terrorist", now "pirate") Drinkwater was a basketball player in the State(s), some years ago. I always liked that name.

Now, the headlines are that Barracks O'bomber wants to negotiate an "arms" treaty with Latin America. What the hell do they mean by that? Past American history would suggest that they want to disarm the people and leave only Governments with access to weapons.

Whereas there are many historical perspective problems with the Constitution of the USA, some of them were OK as in to promote the welfare of the people, although their paternalistic, supremacist viewpoint makes you wonder just how much of the welfare and with respect to the indigenous, the indigent, farmers, miners, and other workers, and the slaves (oh, yeah, and women) and what sort of welfare they had in mind.

The bill of rights was a good start, hugh si, I am not being arrested for being upfront with my political views, not recently, anyway. Mike Morin is my given, "legal" name and the police know me and know where I live. Got a little scare, because I was screaming at O'Bomber at one of his slick, but terribly misguided oratories, that they were showing on-line and the police came to my door. This time they didn't take me to jail and psychiatric prison where in the latter they hold you down and shoot you up with "free market" drugs.

Fortunately, they just told me that if I was going to scream in my apartment, to make sure the doors and the windows were closed. Hope to keep my cool as the weather gets nicer.

Anyway, back to the Constitution (a noble Revolutionary Warship?) and the Bill of Rights, my first amendment (free speech) rights have been violated uncounted times, and I'm not a student of the Constitution, have never read the "The Federalist Papers", eh, but I think it may have been at least a minority opinion that the second amendment, the right to bear arms, was so that the military and the police would not be the only ones with weapons.

With regards to our right to "peaceably assemble", it seems that the "founding fathers" had aleady lost sight of their "Declaration of Independence" written just thirteen years previously.

Not that I advocate violence, I don't. I broke my leg when I was fourteen and it hurt like HELL. However, the State(s) have continued to bully both abroad and at home, and, not so well, what more can I say about that?

That's all for now.

We were all indigenous at one time, only to be uprooted and try to become indigenous somewhere else, always at the expense of others, and our extended selves.

We have the technology that we never have had to communicate and reach understanding and spread love and work together and help each other, but at the same time time the world has never been at such a precarious precipice.


Mike Morin

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