Sunday, July 5, 2009

Apathy Towards Socialism


I think (y)our problem is that we are in the United States.

If we lived in Latin America, we might see the acceptance and embracing of socialism as a fairly successful and growing phenomonon.

Apathy and silence is complicity with the Imperialist War Crimes of the United States Government. It is hard to guage what people are thinking about the failure of the economy here (in the US) and the workers devaluation to third world conditions while the Capitalists carry on their First World lifestyles.

The media keeps us preoccupied with irrelevancies and commercial and political propaganda. The media tells us what to think. It suits the Capitalists to believe it. The "workers' either ignore it and adopt a hedonistic outlook on life and/or they dread over it. I think. It's hard to guage how many of the "workers" are suffering and how many of them are Capitalists clinging to their financial competitive advantage.

Mike Morin

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