Friday, July 10, 2009

With Respect to the Ecosocialist Network

Thank you, Andrew, for the valuable post.

1.) With respect to the ecocidal nature of the Capitalist system, I think that it should be duly noted that the Capitalist system is genocidal too, and because it is ecocidal, suicidal as not so well.

2) With respect to the need for a socialist alternative, I, for one (and one for all), am dedicated and committed to developing, proposing, communicating, and in any other way possible working for the realization of such, maybe within our lifetimes.

3.) With respect to the finite planet and dwindling resources, it is absolutely essential and urgent that we communicate this reality, and conceptualize, develop, and implement planning policies and programs. Such should be community centered, and fundamentally based on economic democracy and fundamentally concerned with inter-community, inter-regional, and worldwide unity and cooperation. I am a mutualist and a libertarian cooperative communitarian socialist communist syndicalist. Such translates to the basic need to rearrange the ways in which we allocate resources to and within communities (Weisberg's model of the neighborhood as a mature ecological system) and within and among economic sectors.

Thank you for the position statements of the Communist and Socialist Parties of the USA. It is good to see their "green" perspective. We need to overcome factionalization in the world socialist movement. Also, we in the United States and the associated Capitalist interests need to recognize that we are the whale and the future of mankind and the planet is Jonah.

With respect to them and the Socialist International Party, do we all understand that the ideal transcends national or any other sort of divisive identifications? Of course, we have to deal with the reality of the status quo, but we should not encourage it.

Got a kick out of how the communist statement misinterpreted the word ecology as a synonym for environment. Let them know that ecology is from the Greek, "study of the home" and economy is from the Greek, "management of the home".

Should EIN be a global coalition builder?

Of course, WE ALL should be global coalition builders.

The Belem Declaration should be communicated, but a petition concept is silly. The Belem Declaration should take its place alongside Jeremy Rifkin's Declaration of Interdependence, the Ten Key Values of the Green Party, the seven basic principles of the International Cooperative Alliance, and the Earth Charter. Anybuddy care to add others? I, for one (and one for all) have an open mind.

Like stated previously, the EIN, and ideally all people should work to facilitate the understanding necessary to make the transition to a peaceful, inclusive, equitable, humane, quality of life oriented, sustainable world.

Thank you.

I hope that we can work together to achieve world unity and world cooperation.

Mike Morin
Jefferson Westside Neighborhood
Willamette Valley Watershed
"Pacific NW" of the North American Continent
Finite Planet Earth
Solar System
Infinite Universe

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