Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care Reform

No Mouse,

The biggest obstacle to having universal health care is the decades long and continued abuse by the medical industrial complex (very much including the pharmaceutical industry), and "health care" providers, both professional and institutional.

The only way to achieve health reform in the USA and worldwide is to a implement a single payer (combining private and public payers into one payment system with locally and regionally administered HMOs with Providers forming a non-profit Union contracting to scale back costs on the order of at least 35 to 40%.

A Medical Policy Board needs to be established with non-economically interested Doctors, who also understsnd the issues of abuse and fraud and over-competition (e.g. Nortin Hadler, Shannon Brownlee) and resources budgeted to communities under the aegis of a regional plan, which strongly emphasizes an environmental/public health/wellness plan.

Mike Morin

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