Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Civics 101

Yes, borders and Nazions and States are very arbitrary.

Capitalists don't respect them, unless they can use their military and police might to oppress us.

Here's a Civics question for thee all?

If the aristocratic so-called "founding fathers" who wrote the Declaration of Independence, then commissioned the gullible workers to kill and maim the English, and get killed and maimed themselves, also wrote the Constitution, why did they only give us a right to "peaceably assemble"?

Don't get me wrong. I'm a Friend, and I would love to see a non-violent resolution to the issues of the day and the future. But, the USA Government has been going way too far for way too long, probably from the very beginning.

Think about it. What is a State? It is a territory divied out by the Federal Government to very rich (need I mention genocidal) Capitalists.

The peace plan focuses on local neighborhoods as a locus, with inter-community, regional, inter-regional, worldaround unity and cooperation with ecological economic redevelopment based on the principles of peace, inclusion, equity, humanity, quality of life, and sustainability.

A true economic democracy.

In Peace, Friendship, Cooperation and Sustainability,

Mike Morin

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