Monday, May 4, 2009

Automobiles and Fossil Fuels in Perspective

Spoke at an Environmental "Racism" Conference about a week ago.

Suggested that the inter-net is too diffuse (i.e. entropic) and too elitist.

I hate to use the word "class" because it is such an over-simplification of reality, but other than the genocidal history of the Colonialists, the issue is that environmentalists tend to be too bourgeois or aristocratic to understand and/or care about the plight of other humans and only give inexperienced and/or unknowledgeable pronouncements with respect to the environment.

I am making no such elitist assertion about the writer that I am responding to, but I am making the case for the ineffectual diffusion that has occurred in the "Transition Movement", on the Transition websites and within our communities.

If creedence be given to the writings of a leader, and assistance to recognize commitments and realize fruitful change then the previous writer would not have used such a sloppy word as "bridge".

I'm not saying that bridges are not useful utilities. They are. But there are far too many of them and the "flash-in-the-pan" age of the automobile and the dismal future that one needs to project from the terrible lack of wisdom of the denizens of the 20th century, horribly aggravated by The National Highway Act of 1950, continued thereafter, and still touted by ridiculously ignorant politicians is draining within a handful of generations a precious billion year old resource (fossil fuels) towards a certain, if not cataclysmic, extinction of the human (and other) species.

I'm a Work kin for peace and cooperation.

With much love and care,

Mike Morin
Peoples' Equity Union

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