Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Perspective on a Gloomy Day (or is it Future?)

To the Good Folks of the Austin Eco Network:

Austin is a beautiful city, at least the old town and the surrounding hill country, that is...

I lived in Dallas for three years and had the opportunity to visit Austin, more than twenty years ago...

I now, live in Eugene, Oregon but have been invited by this list to participate.

I am a Eutopian Socialist who has conceived the Peoples' Equity Union, a bright and tiny (or should I write "infinitessimal") glimmer of hope for the youth and children of the planet at a time in history where there really (should I leave room for error?) is exactly none.

Nonetheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and whereas the people of Eugene choose to be completely uncaring of the fate of our progeny, and no significant others have acknowledged that there is real hope in my proposals, I have decided to post three basic position papers with respect to the protein (most would say "meat", but I am a vegan) of the Peoples' Equity Union.

It is my hope that I can find renaissance thinking in the environs surrounding the U of T and that we can "keep hope alive" and begin to grow a movement that would need to be the largest fulcrum of change that the human race has ever experienced.
Let's be sufficiently cynical, and not delusional, and understand that reality from the start.

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