Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Antheus Vincent ("Green Interfaith Alliance")

Antheus Vincent (Who is Gerard Frank?):

Ambitious plans you have to rebuild West Denver. Would like to be involved in any way that I can help. Can't attend your meeting, for I am in Eugene, Oregon (much too far to walk)...

Are you a Denver based group?

Have only been through Denver on a bus, so I can't visualize West Denver (Is it the "black" section of town? "Latino"? I'm guessing that it is poor and distressed. Would that be a correct assumption?).

We need to take control of the Treasury and allocate funds directly for ecological (resources are maximized and retained within neighborhoods) economic community redevelopment. That is what I mean by a socialist paradigm. Right now, the Treasury loans funds to Capitalists who loan to other Capitalists who work together with Landlords and Warlords and Investors and Owners to exploit working and poor people. Profit is the motivation, not needs of the people.

What I mean by plan and implement socialism is that we need to fundamentally change the dominant economic paradigm so that resources can be allocated directly to the people in need, to meet their needs. In Moslem law, all interest on loans is usury. In Capitalist Western Financial Empires, Central Banks and the Banking "Industry" is a big con game to further the competitive advantage of the Capitalist property holders.

Until the basic way that resources are allocated to and within communities is radically and completely changed, I don't see how you/we will be able to fund the type of redevelopment that is needed throughout this country and throughout the world. On a larger view, we also have to change the way that resources are allocated within and among economic sectors, but let that be a subject of another discussion.

I envision walkable communities where automobiles will not be necessary. This is what I call demand side management (we are way past peak in world fossil fuel production capabilities and terribly squandering such on a daily basis, wouldn't it be wise to conserve such precious resources for home heating, cooking, hot water, and electricity?) and would also require supply side reallocation so that the things people need are within walking distance of their quality of life homes.

Equity (meaning ownership and equality) is a key word.

Sustainability without equity will never happen.

Get Van Jones (appointed to CEQ by Obama) and the "Latino" Secretary of Labor to influence Obama and Gaithner and get funds dirctly allocated to (y)our communit(ies).

The USA and their Capitalist allies are on a dead end path and it is way beyond the midnight hour.

I can not over express the urgency of the situation relative to the youth and children of our communities.

I have a relatively brief essay on the concept of "Restructuring Financial Systems" that creates local and inter-community "Peoples' Equity Unions" for which ownership would be shared and redistributed in accordance with the principles that we are all kin and seek and deserve and will enjoy working to bring a quality of life to everyone. Such is a more humane world view than how can I make a profit by offering more and more absurd and irrational economic choices, within a rapidly dwindling natural resource base.

You may want to check out my web log.

Let me know if I can be of assistance.


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