Saturday, May 23, 2009

(Yahoo) Organizational Discussion Introduction

Let's make no mistake about it, the future for the youth and children of the world has never looked bleaker.

I make no false promises, hold out no false hopes.

The Peoples' Equity Union concept attempts to be a bright, if infinitessimally small, glimmer of hope in a world that precludes such.

I have dedicated most of my life to the improvement of conditions for the people of the planet and believe that if we do not choose to attempt to lever the fulcrum of change and commit to a fundamental change in the way that people interact (i.e. cooperate not compete) with each other economically using the highest powers of knowledge and reason at our collective resources, then we ALL face certain extinction.

The Peoples Equity Union seeks to be a pivotal "point" of change that will unite all people in a rational, ecological economic planning and implementation organization to revolutionize life on earth. I recognize a finite planet, all of human history and pre-history and place the needs of ALL the children and youth of the planet and future generations as prominent.

If you decide to join the discussion, the attempt to form an ecologically economic democratic local/regional/world organization, and I hope that you will, I ask that you identify yourself by using your real and full name and your location.

It is my hope to endeavor to discuss how local, inter-community, inter-regional, and worldwide organization and redevelopment progress can be achieved.

Please, do not argue to make yourself right and others wrong, although you and they may be just that. Remember the goal is cooperation and as close to selflessness, relative to improvement of the human condition, as one can get.


Keep hope alive!

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