Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is Obama Really Any Different than (the) Private BusHitlers and Dick Halliburton?

Subject: Usury: Financial and Other(wise?)

An interesting development going on in the USA related to the Great False Hope, Barracks O'Bomber is the winnowing out of the "grass-roots reform group" ACORN (Action for Community Reform), an (almost?) exclusively "people of color" "community organizing" organization which Capitalists poured a great deal of money to organize "blacks" and "Latinos" (i.e. many of the poor people) to vote for the butler puppet because they were hoodwinked into thinking that he'd be different because of the color of his skin.

I have a comprehensive list of ACORN contacts on my worldwide organizing e-mail list. What I have been noticing is more and more of those e-mail addresses coming back as "undeliverable". Figure it out, the Capitalists elected their Liberal Puppet, now they have no more use for the folks at ACORN. The constituency that swung the election to Clinton O'Bomber are on their own...

As we all are...

Personally, the law took away my right to vote, but I would have held my nose and voted for the "Liberal" Capitalist with the far-fetched hope that he would stop playing the disgusting, cowardly political games that the "Democratic" leadership told him were necessary to win the election. But, of course, once a cowardly puppet, always a cowardly puppet.

Let's see... not out of Iraq immediately, but by the end of 2011, yet the Liar won't even do that, because "he" has moved more troops into Basra where the secured Iraqi oilfields lie for the taking of the gluttonous theivery of the people of Monroe, WMD stands for World Manifest Destiny, too...

The Fascists at the top are so villanous, so buffered, so inhumane, and so ridiculously stupid that they believe that they can achieve a mostly robotic genocide in Afghanistan and Pakistan to secure the area and have Halliburton build piplelines and eventually win control of the more northern "Stans" to drill where the last great pool of untapped oil and gas remains. This devastation, this (unachievable) goal of genocide, so that the automotive drivers can be free to commit the liqidation of their own children as well as every other child on the planet while O'Bomber loans $8 billion to Mercedes and calls it a "national tradition, well worth saving" (nazional tradition it is, if you know your history you know that the "Big 3" and the shipbuilders and the gun manufacturers and the whole logistical support "infrastructure", GREW US out of the Great Depression.

The "gears" are in motion? Does that little puppet have a clue?

O'bomber really must show the true red, white, and blue and start rattling his sabres at a wider enemy, but maybe the genocide and the occupations will suffice, because this is only a "recession" and hell, the Christmas shopping season will be here before you know it. Heil Christ Almighty!!!

Besides, we, in the USA, don't really have the overpopulation problem we had in the 1930's, maybe they should try again for a call to the "Coalition (or is it Oilition?) of the Wlling" and see if the worldwide community wants to be slaughetered Japanese/USA/European style...

This is a call to gluttony! This is a call to all genocidal maniacs of the world!

Perhaps identifying the Private BusHitler culprits is what has got me sent away and injected with Medical/Prison/Military Industrial Capitalist for-profit "pharmaceuticals" and now with an either ridiculously naive and/or totally desensitized soothing of an unachievable National Health Care Plan and a not yet made promise of an African-American/Latino/Gay/Transvestite choice for the Rich Capitalists' Supreme Court. We should all be on the edge of our seats on that one. (Pro-"lifers" to the rescue...) I dare to go beyond calling the "Commander-in Chief", Clinton O'Bomber, and suggest to you that the little puppet is also, like BusHitler and Dick Halliburton, Adolph Hitler in the flesh.

Remember, Lawrence Summers was one of Ronald Reagan's top economic advisors.

Donations to the IMF, anybuddy?

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