Monday, December 28, 2009

Response to "LA Progressive" Editorial - It has Nothing to Do With Obama’s Ethnicity


The "fact" that O'Bomber is half African American has nothing to do with his behavior and the racist comment about AA's running away from a noble fight is absurd.

I have blue eyes and I know the problem is that O"Bomber is nothing more than a servile puppet of the militaristic Capitalist moneyed class, colored darker and kinked to be audaciously and atrociously sold to the liberal target market as at least, turns our at most, better than the alternative.

The slander on African Americans is ridiculous and un-called for. Among ethnic groups in the USA, the AAs have the most historical, longest lasting, and strongest radical tradition. As a French-Canadian/Sicilian American from Labor Heritage and an almost lifelong Cooperative Communitarian (Socialist/Communist), I find it easier to reach out and feel solidarity with "black" Americans.

I am frustrated by the ignorance and complicity of "white" people and their inability or lack of willingness to understand and embrace a radical agenda, even if presented in a most peaceful, orderly transition language.

I know it is an oversimplification to say White is to Capitalism as Black is to Socialism, but the History of the OEO of the 1964 Civil Rights Act suggests strongly that the appeal to O'Bombers "blackness" was an audacious rip-off of the legacy of Dr. MLK Jr.

Bringing "whites" into the fold, who seem to believe that freedom is equal to lack of responsibility to, for many, self, and to almost all, others, is problematic.

Chavez is the closest thing we have to a world leader. There is none in the US. His Bolivarian mantra almost draws the line in the sand between White Capitalism and Brown Socialism. If Obama thrusts us into full blown World War 4 in his ignorant attempt to enforce World Manifest Destiny then surely it will be the acts of a Capitalist Oreo and has no reflection on his ethnicity.

In Peace, Friendwalkin', Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin
Eugene, OR

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