Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Response to "Local" Genius

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Ravi (and Jason),

With respect to your Post-Peak "Moment":

They'd rather drive.

Also, there is not a cooperative (or intelligent) bone in the USA Body Politic.

All seriousness aside, allow me to make the following commentary:

Good work.
I agree with almost all of what you say.

The planning locus needs to be the village/neighborhood with inter-community unity and cooperation within the watershed (planning region) and, of course inter-regional unity and cooperation.

Federation? That smacks of nationalism. No, thanks. There would need to be a world around unity and cooperation and accord and inter-regional trade and peace relations directly established and carefully nurtured.

I echo the moderator's questions as to how do we get from where we are to our desired destination. Also, where do we start?

I recommend that we abolish the Federal Reserve System and maintain the US Treasury to allocate notes and coinage to Regional Administrative Agencies (Equity Unions) that would allocate money to ecological economic redevelopment community betterment projects and programs based on explicitly stated and inculcated mission and principles. Eventually, a world currency may be the goal.

When you mentioned cooperatives, you omitted housing and other real assets. It is imperative that we completely overhaul the way that we deal with ownership relations in ALL sectors of the economy, particularly the financial/resource allocation sectors. We must fundamentally change the ways and means by which resources are allocated to and within communities and among and within economic sectors.

Very importantly, I will repeat one of my most important messages, that we in the United States and similar environs, need to reduce automotive vehicle use by 80% in the next twenty to forty years. This is absolutely essential to the survival of the species. All "permanent culture" designs, endeavors, projects, programs, and policies need to embody this goal.

More than just models, we need reality.

In Peace, Friendwalkin', Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin
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Subject: new paradigm of development

This finally got posted:

Let me know what you think.


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