Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Response to the Neanderthals

Dear Jim Archibald,

Grade school Geography about the Midwestern "breadbasket", but one certain consideration that these ridiculous neo-cons seem to be overlooking is that food has to be produced, not just transported.

True, if we have anything left, perhaps we could go back to draft horses, river transport, etc., but to claim that an evolutionary Capitalist "free market" is the path is absurd. We are in overshoot and the population is and will be without coordinated education, effort, and action too ignorant, too incapable, and too old, and too few for any sort of survival to occur.

It is an evolutionary dead end, without the rational evolution to Homa Cooperativo.

Concerning their claims that the US Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, will be/is breaking the back of OPEC is profoundly premature.

By the way, any freezing in the Mississippi Waterway?, and any recognition of the reality of the fossil fuel bust that is going to wreak havoc on an ignorant people who just assume that the ignition is an extension of the hand?

Oh yeah, with all the dead putrefying bodies even the most primitive agriculturalists will not stand even the slightest chance.

By the time the dust clears on the largest cataclysm of all time, such a question would hardly be worthwhile.

But go see Avatar, I guess. The cataclysm will be on some planet far away. The cyclical market will rebound and we only have to switch on cruise control and wait for the invisible hands to continue their WMD performance of aggravated rape on this bountiful land.

In Peace, Friendwalkin', Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin

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