Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Wonder What Dino is Doing Now?

Personal politics, which seem to trouble Leftists greatly, may have played a very minor role in the reason that Marxist/Socialist/Communist (call it what you may and that is a major source of contention among) never was realized, but the real reason that Leftist politics never took hold in (once Great) Britain, and in the United States is because such were the Centers of Capitalist Empire. These are two leviathan exploiter cultures, with their Fascist Military backing (or should I say leadership?). You all still have a "royal family" and Obama in the tradition of the Imperialist Presidency chose the pomp of meeting with the Saudi Kings as his first stop in his mission "to make peace with the Moslem world".

The Brits and the Yanks have been the two biggest imperialists, perhaps in the history of man, and they have done it mostly under the banner of Capitalism. The spoils of the rape, plunder, pillage, murder, steal, and exploit Capitalist and colonial systems do trickle down within the empire(s) at least for a time. The military elite, the yeomanry, the artisans of the Imperialist nations were enriched by the slavery and exploitation of foreigners and through nationalistic favoritism and patronage to countrymen, through hard work, and through educational opportunities, some workers (those that were not military and/or industrial fodder) were able to struggle to obtain "middle class" status by climbing an opportunity ladder that was available within the racist circles of Capitalist Empire.

Time has, and increasingly is, seeing these perks of Nationalism wither away as Capitalism took its act worldwide, embraced an International Capitalist ruling class and culture and pitted workers in all countries in a race to the bottom for the crumbs of low-wage Capitalist jobs. Capitalists empire did not abandon their nationalist propaganda, however, in case they need help in rallying public support for the myriad of their worldwide crimes and for the much reduced staffing needs of their robotic, electronically assisted, high-powered genocidal military machines. Thus, it leaves many in a state of dumb-downed confusion, because they don't have the channels or the teachers to learn the truth fast enough to figure it out. The propagandist culture drones on with the falsehoods as the people of the planet roll at an accelerating pace toward extinction fueled by that quirk called the fossil fuel age and that ridiculously extravagant, opulent, ostentatious squandering invention, the automobile. They don't want to know. I don't know what it is like in (once Great) Britain, but here in the USA, they think freedom is freedom from responsibility, freedom from thinking. They've got it so drilled into their feeble lttle brains that "we are the greatest nation of all time" and that translates into a right to possess, threaten with, and use WMD for WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction for World Manifest Destiny) and to use those precious fossil fuels at an unconscious genocidal, ecocidal, and suicidal speed.

And the daily mantra is that the economy will be, even is, recovering.

But socialism is nothing more than an ideology. It is not an alternative. Socialists, the few that still exist, are too simple minded. Socialism/Communism/Anarchism are religions. We will have some virtual revolution, after which everything will magically coalesce into a moneyless utopian paradise.

I have been a Communist since reading the Communist Manifesto when I was sixteen. When talking with a working class buddy about it, he nodded in agreement, but said, (rubbing his thumbs across his fingers) "Money talks, bullshit walks".

I wonder what Dino is doing now?

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