Monday, June 8, 2009

Revolution or Reform? Reply to "Socialism or Your Money Back" Blog

You do a good job of debunking reform and all arguments for it.

Yet your pronouncement in favor of "peaceful, democratic revolution" appears to be a hollow one.

How does such differ from reform? Are you suggesting "taking over the economy" by "voting in the work-place"?

I don't understand. I want to. I seek the same results as you. I know there are no simple answers, if any at all, but can we make some progress about how to carry out a "peaceful, democratic revolution" without restructuring (how does that differ from reforming?) the economic and political process? I know the WSM answer to the political process is to "dismantle governments" and much of that, aside from "safety net" programs does need to occur. But, can you not envisage an associated "government" of inter-syndicalist and inter-community faciltators?

If so, how do we get from here to there?

Thank you.

Mike Morin

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