Thursday, June 4, 2009

In Response to Obama's "New Beginning" Speech Regarding Peace with the Islamic World

To David Axelrod - Senior Advisor to the President of the United States,

You wrote:

"The President outlined some big goals for this new beginning in his speech -- including disrupting, dismantling, and defeating violent "extremism" "

My response:

Why threaten with violence to stop violence.

Such an approach is counter-productive.

Lawlessness is the strength of the violent, not the non-violent. The law is the strength of the violent, not the non-violent.

Can non-violence work?

I like the word equity, because it means equality and it means ownership. Until people feel "enfranchised", they are going to do desperate things, like acts of violence.As long as others think that they have "God's blessing" or some other way of describing an earned or unearned "right" to superior economic holdings then there will be oppression, exploitation, enslavement and/or disregard for the poor. There will always be resistance to that. Moslems know the American History of and proclivity to genocide, and it is antithetical to their faith to yield to such.How do we convince a huge minority that hold Capitalist competitive advantage, and hide their "invisible hands" with obscurity and privacy, and either espouse or disingenuously practice disregard for their fellow humans, how do we convince them to reconsider and join in an effort of world unity?

Obama and the US need to do much work to reduce the US and Capitalist ally exploitation of the Moslem world, particularly the fossil fuel resource. For purposes of inter-factional peace, as well (pun intended) as to the domestic and worldwide survival and quality of life considerations regarding finite resources (most particularly oil), the USA must immediately commit to and undertake a program to reduce automobile usage by 80% over the next 20 to 40 years by implementing a demand side management and supply side reallocation plan, which would be a comprehensive socialist plan to rebuild all plans and reallocate goods and services so that all, or almost all, communities are "walkable" meaning that all folks can get what they need and reasonably want within walking distance of their homes. In most of the country, particularly environs further west, this will require substantial REBUILDING of neighborhoods. Think of the massive jobs and equity opportunities, domestically, and the opportunity to increase the quality of life for all, especially our least fortunate, while setting in motion a massive relief of tension that contributes to discord in the Middle East and South Asia, the unfair thievery and thuggery involved in the USA Geopolitical activities concerning the oil resources in that part of the world.

Face it, Mr. President, and have the courage (and I know you have the grace) to address the gluttonous squandering of such a precious natural gift (fossil fuels) and convince the people of the USA that we must fundamentally change course from a genocidal, ecocidal, suicidal "standard of living" paradigm to one that incorporates equity, inclusion, humanity, quality of life, sustainability, and PEACE...

With much love and care,

Mike Morin

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