Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Continuing with the Plan to Implement a Peoples' Equity Union

Robert (et al),

Do you live in a city, a town, a village, a rural area?

Is there a credit union in the vicinity?

You need to establish a local board with an economic plan for your neighborhood. The economic plan could be very similar to the way the Mondragon Cooperative Society operates. You need to establish a local Board of Directors, a company (equity union) charter and by-laws, including the criteria how economic decisions will be made from funds allocated, and how decisions will be made regarding the investment of surpluses made from business operations.

Remember, it is important that we inculcate the principles of economic democracy in every thing that we do, say, think, and communicate.

Create a Peoples' Equity Union Trust Fund in your local credit union.

After you have done that, and I receive the payment of $30 billion, I will deposit $20 million in your Trust Fund Account. Then it will be up to you and your colleagues to develop and share your local socialist equity union economy. When you have met the needs of your community, and have achieved an equitable, sustainable, inclusive, and humane quality of life among all neighbors, then it will be incumbent upon you (the denizens of your community and the Board of the Peoples' Equity Union Branch) to identify other communities with which you see a need and desire to share your socialist success with. As you are organizing your neighbors and developing your commune, you very much want to be establishing relationships, personal, social and economic with neighborhing communities, and communities worldwide, thereby furthering the cooperative nature, organization, and operations of the Peoples' Equity Union's neighborhood/inter-community/inter-regional and world wide socialist ecological economic plan.

The prospects of receiving funding are dependent upon potential participants understanding the mission and the modus operandi of the Plan.

Do you understand thus far, and could you cooperate given that funding was imminent?

Mike Morin
Peoples' Equity Union

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