Monday, June 8, 2009

Response to Jude

Jude et al,

Jude, if you are writing about my recent post on forming a local equity union, it is true that it will not be 'competitive" to "investors" in the inflationary Capitalist Economic system. Also Community Betterment Organizations (CBOs) will be subject to the same impossible conditions that the Capitalist system has created for itself and for us. Therefore, any equity sharing allotment will be subject to the risk of losing that money.

With respect to involving the poor and dispossesed, we must focus on youth (other than keeping safety-net programs for the more elderly) and we will need Government Assistance in the forms of educational and vocational training and direct allotments.

I hold no illusions. For a Peoples' Equity Union socialist restructuring to succeed, while evolving on the local level, everywhere, will require "capturing" the Treasuries of all, or at least most nations, eventually evolving to a worldwide treasury (a treasury without borders).

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