Friday, June 5, 2009

Re-Introducing Myself and My Work

Hi Folks,

I've noticed that this list is not very active, with the most recent posts being in Spanish.

Are there "lurkers" out there waiting to be stimulated into discussing eco/anarcho-syndicalist proposals and ideas relative to alternatives to the Capitalist status quo.

I am a 55 year old Friend who has a BS in Environmental Studies, Graduate and lifelong study and conceptual development in the fields of Economics (particularly Comparative Economic Systems), Regional and Resource Planning. I perceive myself to be somewhat unusual in that along the way while having to find work in the Capitalist system, I became a Socialist with a MBA degree. This has served me well in understanding and developing a somewhat new field of study, thought, and discussion which I call "Regional and Resource Allocation".

My thesis is that we gravely need to fundamentally change the way in which resources are allocated to and within communities, and within and among economic sectors with the mission of ecological economic neighborhood/inter-community/inter-regional/worldwide redevelopment based on the principles of equity, humanity, inclusion, quality of life, sustainability and peace.

I hope we can begin, again.


Mike Morin

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