Sunday, June 21, 2009


Remember, I'm blue-skying

>Robert Howes wrote:

>In theory you would patch up your own house or get the trades persons in to do it, for free. But with a >couple of billion homes to maintain and in many millions of cases to build from scratch for the millions >that are at present homeless or living in squalor will take a massive army of brickies, chippies, >electricians, plumbers, roofers, labourers and so on. Also the supply of building materials would have to >be stepped up greatly. And that is just to carry on as we are.

Mike Morin replies:

Here in the Peoples' Equity Union (PEU), I believe that freesocialism is not immediately possible, if ever at all. What the PEU with its partners Community Betterment Organizations (CBOs) is a Capitalist and State Restructuring (even among us, it is prudent not to use the word reform for it implies legislative activity) of the current Capitalist money system and the various National Treasuries, worldwide.

A big part of the grand plan is the rebuilding of communities to make them more ecological, more oriented towards a quality of life starting with the most needy and maintaining for many and "downscaling" for some. It would take an almost absolute consensus on the principles upon which fund were to be allocated, and self-governing economic democracies set up in every community and within and across each economic sector that were inculcated and strongly believed in the principles of the world unity socialist organization.

Rebuilding humane, sustainable, quality of life environments would be problematic from a standpoint of natural resources. Would there be enough building materials and builders, locally placed, to carry out the mission? Wood products would be problematic, as they are generally not reusable and the need, if we chose wood as a building material would be at high risk of exceeding the sustainable harvest of the remaining forests. Stone products would probably be more resusable and deconstruction and reconstruction would brobably be a booming busyness, given the existence of willing and able workers who had the knowledge, equipment, and energy to carry out the necessary tasks.

With respect to Robert's concern about having built for nuclear families, I think that rebuilding, whenever possible should favor shelters that house extended families (whether they be extended families or not) and community living arrangements. The nuclear family has proven to be dysfunctional, leading to the atomization and a world filled with isolated and alienated individuals (just what the Capitalists want). However, physically adjusting for the nuclear family build out should probably not be an immediate priority, at least not in the more western United States. We need to concentrate at building more community centers so that supply side reallocation of goods and services can physically take place (i.e. rebuild our neighborhoods so that the things people need are within walking distance of their home thereby greatly reducing the amount of precious fossil fuels used on the terribly squandering daily consumer automobile forays).

If we could unify in mission, principles, and dedication to the allocation of resources such a socialist eutopia could be worked towards.

Those are ridiculously huge IFs, but I've come this far, so voila...

Mike Morin

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