Monday, June 1, 2009

What If?

(If) I just got an e-mail from Obama.

He has seen the light. Instead of investing $30 billion of government funds in GM, which is destined to fail, Barack has promised us thirty billion for the Peoples' Equity Union, with a promise of more (unspecified - but drawn from TARP) to come and the word that he is working with other members of the G20 and the less developed nations to negotiate funding in their regions.

I want each of you to assume a position as Board Member on the Worldwide PEU and as Chair for your local community. What do you suggest that we do with the $30 billion?

Equity means ownership. it also means equality. The Treasuries (eventually to be one unified world treasury) have recognized that the ownership of assets/resources belongs in the hands of the poor and the workers. The Treasuries have decided to undertake a massive program at rebuilding communities so that all have a quality of life and ownership of their abodes and place of work and humane, sustainable occupations and lives. They have recognized that labor and natural resources are the source of all wealth and that there has been a historical record of Capitalist thievery that must be wiped cleaned and atoned for.

What would you offer to the workers and the poor? How would you assure that the $30 billion dollars, and additional funds to come, would be sustained and shared (developed, if you will, to produce a surplus that would be earmarked for distribution to other worker owned production, etc. How would you assure that you are not just creating a dependency of workers and the poor on a continuous inflow of funds from the treasur(ies)?

Given the fact that Obama is turning the corner and lifting the fulcrum towards World Socialism what immediate and more long range projects would you undertake? In other words, how we can evolve to an intelligent, planned, inclusive, equitable, humane, peaceful, sustainable quality of life for all...

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