Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Socialist "Business" Schools?


We have discussed to the point of moot whether or not there are or ever will be socialist "societies" or economies.

Before answering your reactionary supposition, let me ask you:

1.) Are there any societies/economies in the real world that would qualify, or at least partially qualify, according to you, as "socialist"?

2.) If so, what do you know about their educational systems?

I will concede that within a socialist economy, we would probably not call anything "business school". A better name for it, perhaps, would be "socialist economic operations" and in the ideal world, from an early age there would be a great deal of overlap and continuity between work experience, work study, home study and classroom learning.

When we are talking or writing about transitioning from a Capitalist economy to a socialist one, let me tell you ( I have a MBA degree, as well as study in Environmental Studies, Regional and Resource Planning, and Economics, (and much work experience)) that I have found all my education (and experience), including much of which is self-study and learning from others, like you, to be very helpful in being able to conceptualize and communicate a transitional path from Capitalism to socialism.

My response to zE was because he did not seem to understand or want to be bothered with details of economic entity operations which would be necessary to implement a socialist economy. I was not suggesting to him that he need be, to function in a socialist economy, if we could ever get one functioning. I was speaking to my perceived need, as I am surrounded by Capitalists, for the need for more socialists who understand the organizational and logistical problems related to operating economic entities. I suggested "Business School" (while keeping his socialist priorities) because that is what is currently available (and most directly pertinent to economic operations entities in the desired socialist world) in the Capitalist world.

I hope that I have clarified my statement, and thank you for presenting the challenge which has allowed me to elucidate.

Mike Morin
Peoples' Equity Union

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